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Looking for the best interior design in Los Angeles?

Look no further than Lisa Merkle Design.
We specialize in classic, modern, luxurious residential design, refreshes
and remodels .

Lisa is honorably trained at UCLA, and at the best celebrity design firms in Los Angeles for many years. Her formal design training encompasses classical French, Italian and Spanish design,
antiquities, and construction details.

We interpret and expedite projects encompassing beautiful, sophisticated classical knowledge in a fresh modern lense-
represented in high quality work, finishes, design details, vendors, construction details and selections.

Through the art of interior design, we produce -with conceptual development and thorough research -enhancement to the interior of your property

We are a Los Angeles based highly experienced, formally trained editorial level interior design firm whose work has honorably been featured in “Elle Décor”, “Architectural Digest” and numerous publications.

We offer an aesthetic indoor and outdoor experience in your home-
with striking design craved by one of the best interior designers in Los Angeles. Lisa Merkle Design is honored to direct projects for an impressive client roster, featuring household names, heads of business, families, and numerous property investors.

We value beautiful curated design value for our clients’ investment and incredible results, featuring incredible artisans, craftsmanship, teams and valued vendor relationships, and joyfully bring beauty, value, trades, resources and results, and are happy to be of assistance!
Please contact us to discuss projects or queries you may have.
We look forward to discussing your needs!

Our Services

Lisa Merkle offers peerless interior design and customized remodelling services for homes and commercial properties, that is the perfect blend of curated class, substance and modern classic luxury.

Full House Design

Transform your home thoroughly and bring a classy appearance with it with Lisa Merkle's full home design.

Renovation Consultation

Save yourself from overwhelm, expensive mistakes and massive stress by getting the help of our creative renovators.

Bedroom Design

Lisa Merkle Design is making room for better living through stunning interior design services.

Kitchen Design

Change the look and feel of your kitchen through modern styling and creative designs at Lisa Merkle.

Bathroom Design

With creative and knowledgeable designer your bathroom can have stunning and practical displays.

Nursery Design

Create the perfect space for rest, play, inspiration and ideas with modern nursery designs at Lisa Merkle.

Art Selection & Procurement

Our goal is to design a collection that meets your specific goals because we know the aesthetic values.

Shopping/Purchasing Services

Lisa Merkle Design offers outsourcing service for you when it comes to shopping/purchasing.

Lighting Selection

With right lighting and their placement your home become lively. Lisa Merkle Designs is committed to enhance your home beauty.

Dining Room Design

Leave a profound impression on your guest by designing your dining room by Lisa Merkle Design.

Kids' Bedroom Design

Lisa Merkle Design is designing bedroom for your kids to grow with a beautiful memory of their home.

Flooring Selection

We provide consultation that fits best with your home and class. Flooring selection lifts your home charm.

Office Space Design

Be more professional with designs and arrangement that help your client to fall for your work ethics.

Furniture Selection

We are committed to designing classic and contemporary designs that match your class, demand and expectations.

Living Room Design

Make your living room more elegant and aesthetic with living room designs offered Lisa Merkle Design.

Installation Services

You can confidently schedule our installation service knowing that you're hiring experienced professionals.

Color/Paint Selection

We are a dynamic creative group of designers who understand color psychology and contemporary trends.

Furniture Customization

Comfort with graceful artistic creativity coupled with cultured experience is what we provide here at Lisa Markle.

Home Office Design

Get your home and office at one place by designs that are beyond expectation with Lisa Merkle Design.

Commercial Space Design

We are making professional your commercial atmosphere with our formal and sophisticated designs.

Space Planning & Layout

Your home and workplace inspiration start here at Lisa Merkle Design as we are space planning and layout for you.

Window Treatments Selection

Don’t underestimate the importance of quality when it comes to window treatments selection of your home.


Latest Projects

Check out our recent residential and workplace featured projects below. Our clients are of the opinion that Lisa Merkle is a firm that brings future designs.

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From bedroom to kitchen, bathroom to nursery, Lisa's attention to detail and creativity exceeded our expectations. Her renovation consultation was invaluable, and her expert advice on lighting, flooring, and art selection truly elevated our space.

Karen Carter

Lisa Merkle Design is a master at creating functional and stylish spaces. We approached them for our kitchen design, and the result was breathtaking. Their keen eye for detail transformed it into the heart of our home.

Samuel Moore

Lisa Merkle Design provided us with an exceptional renovation consultation that guided our project's success. They helped us navigate the complexities of our dining room design and bathroom design, turning them into elegant, functional spaces.

Patrick Martinez

Lisa Merkle Design made our house a haven with their bedroom and nursery design services. Their meticulous approach to every detail, from flooring selection to lighting, created serene and beautiful spaces. Lisa's services saved us time and money.

Douglas Lopez

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